When Chris Norwood read an article about PICKUP expanding to Houston, he knew he wanted to be one of the Good Guys. “I was drawn to the fact that PICKUP provides a great service and wants its drivers to be people who can be trusted. By searching out veterans and firefighters as drivers, PICKUP gets some of the best guys around,” said Chris.

It wasn’t long before Chris found himself helping move furniture and providing instant labor and deliveries for people all over Greater Houston and The Woodlands. For him, helping people comes naturally.

“I have spent all of my adult life serving families in educational and church settings as a teacher, coach, administrator and student ministry leader,” Chris said. “The whole concept of trust and service in PICKUP is a natural and great extension of what I enjoy doing.”

So it should come as no surprise that Chris loves being a PICKUP Good Guy. “It gives me positive energy to help someone solve a problem and ease a burden or a need in some small way. The fact that I get to drive my truck to do those things is an added bonus for me,” he said.

“There are so many stories of courage, change and heart by the customers on so many of our runs. I am always honored, as a driver for PICKUP, that we get to play a small part in their story,” Chris said.

One of his favorite stories involves a pickup and delivery between sisters. “I picked up items for a customer in downtown Houston and delivered them to her sister out on the west side of Houston. The original customer was moving away after living in the same apartment for 30 years,” Chris explained. “Both sisters were very sweet and I just remember being struck by the tremendous courage it took to set out on a new adventure after three decades.”

While Chris doesn’t know what the next PICKUP will bring, he always looks forward to the interaction with the next customer PICKUP can help. You can trust that; just like you can trust Chris to move your items.