Meet PICKUP Good Guy driver, Michael. Like many Texas gentleman with a pickup, he was asked countless times to help friends move things from one place to another. “When I learned about Instant Delivery by PICKUP, I was excited to find out that I could actually get paid for doing what I had done for.. Continue Reading


Why PICKUP™ makes Craigslist unscary

We’ve all used Craigslist at some point or another, whether it was to buy a car, get a babysitter, or even put up a personal ad. It truly is a practical place to sell something you no longer need or to buy something for a good low price. But what many of us worry about is, how.. Continue Reading


No more waiting – get a pickup now

Ever need a pickup truck to move something big or awkward? We’ve all needed it, and there are three solutions to this problem: Option 1. Call in a favor from friends or family Option 2. Rent a pickup truck Option 3. Use a delivery service Option 1: Call in a favor from friends or family. This is.. Continue Reading