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• Must be a qualified Good Guy for PICKUP in good standing
• Currently active Good Guy
• Must have completed at least 10 runs

What Program Entails

• Wrap contracts are limited…only for a select set of Good Guys
• Allow your truck to be partially wrapped with PICKUP™ branded materials (you  approve art prior to application)
• Drive a certain number of miles for promotion within an active DMA during  daylight hours
• Agree to keep wrap on for at least 12 months
• If you sell, trade or remove your wrap before the year is up you may extend your  contract by adding an additional year with a new wrap

Mileage Requirements

• Drive an average at least 70 miles per week in approved DMAs
• PICKUP run mileage is included
• Mileage between DMAs or outside of DMAs are not included


• Payments made on a quarterly basis after miles have been driven
• To get paid: take a time-stamped picture of the odometer on wrap day and at quarterly  intervals or use an approved mileage tracking app
• Payment will be made within 7 days of the quarter end via your regular PICKUP™  Stripe Account
• Removal of wrap mid-quarter will be paid pro-rata for the provable time the wrap was  still on truck

Code of Conduct

• You are a Good Guy and drive like one
• You will follow all traffic regulations
• You will be a courteous Good Guy
• Your truck and wrap will be kept clean
• Report wrap damage immediately for repair or replacement


• Average 150 miles/week, earn $150/month
• Average 250 miles/week, earn $200/monthuat.

Questions? – email

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