Good Guy Center


Retail Delivery SOP

Good Guy call the store and speak to Manager on Duty
Last pickup 30 min prior to closing


  • MUST wear PICKUP shirt and magnets on truck
  • MUST have stretch wrap, 2 wheel dolly, blankets and ratchet straps


  1. If 2 GG are required:
    • Primary GG calls secondary GG to sync up
  2. GG1 calls customer
    • Verify pickup/delivery addresses, flights of stairs or assembly required
    • Verify item(s) and details of each
    • Request receipt via text
    • Upload receipt into the Good Guy app
  3. GG1 calls store and asks for Manager on Duty (support can provide number)
    • GG1 provides customer name, items, ETA and confirms pick up
    • If 2 GG are required, confirm store will help load customer items and all items can fit in one truck, then send GG2 to delivery address
      • If a 2nd GG isn’t on the order and should be, GG1 call Support


  1. GG1 arrives at store’s preferred entry (if none given, enter through front door)
  2. GG1 check in at main counter, introduces himself and provides the customer’s name and picture of receipt
  3. GG and store associate retrieve the customer’s items
  4. GG inspects the item(s) and:
    • Confirms correct item(s) are present and not missing
    • Takes a photo with their phone of the item(s)
    • Inspect item(s) for damage
  • If the item/box appears to be damaged the GG will open the box to inspect the item and calls customer informing them and makes a note in the “Good Guy Notes” section in Tookan
  • Damaged/unsatisfactory items may be rejected on the customer’s behalf
  • PHOTO damaged items
  1. If required by Store, GG signs vendor log or transfer of custody form
  2. GG loads, wraps, secures, straps, and protects item(s)
  3. GG updates the app and contacts customer informing them that a GG is on the way


  1. GG parks smart and inspects items for transport damage (leave protective wrap, if possible)
  2. GG introduces himself: Hi, I’m <name> from PICKUP here to deliver your <item(s)> from <store name>
  3. GG asks customer where the item(s) will be placed and determine best route/method (ie. best entry door, entering through garage door, using a dolly, etc.)
  4. GG carefully unloads item(s) and transports the preferred location
  5. GG unwraps the item(s) once in place (15 minutes is in the order to ensure items are in usable shape and in preferred location)
  6. GG takes pictures of the final delivery completion
    • If damage occured, take mulitple photos
    • If an item is damaged, GG is required to submit a ‘Good Guy Damage Claim’ ticket from the app
  7. GG asks customer where their trash is located for disposal of packaging/boxes
    • If necessary, Support can provide a link for nearby Dallas Dumpsites
  8. GG opens app and uploads picture(s) of completed item(s) and customer’s signature and completes order
  9. GG leaves customer with a PICKUP customer card and thanks them
  10. GG leaves customer’s location without leaving tools or non-disposed trash behind (truck walk-around)

Questions? – email

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