A peek at a PICKUP Good Guy

You’ve heard us talk about our Good Guys, but what is it that makes a guy with a pickup really, well, good? Let us tell you about former Marine Raul and how he got started with PICKUP….

Raul starts his day bright and early as he has to be in class. He is currently working towards an A+ certification for IT practitioners, and a Criminal Justice degree at Strayer University. With both of these he will have the skills to work in cyber security, his aspiration. After class, Raul does delivery runs for PICKUP, using his fine truck to help people move their items on demand. Later in the evening, he works as a driver for Uber and Lyft. Even more remarkable is that Raul still manages to make time for his 5 daughters and 1 son.

So what keeps Raul so disciplined and driven while juggling such a busy schedule? He owes a lot to his experience while serving in the Marine Corps Recruit Depot from 2002 to 2011. During that time he went to Iraq numerous times. Raul explains, “All my experiences, good and bad, and the people I have met along the way have prepared me for what I want to do.” His military background has shaped him into a person who can excel at any challenge or opportunity in front of him.

How did Raul find out about the Good Guy network? He was in the process of being approved as a driver for other ride sharing services and had been waiting 3.5 weeks. Meanwhile, he began browsing some Uber forums and groups to read about the experiences and stories of other drivers. It was on one of these Facebook groups that he came across the PICKUP ad and thought he would give it a try, as he is very proud of his truck.

Before being approved as a PICKUP Good Guy, Raul went through a background check and vehicle inspection, as well as an interview with Aaron Favara, COO of PICKUP. During this process Aaron worked together with Raul to meet his scheduling needs and diligently explained how the company started and how it is growing. Raul was approved as a PICKUP Good Guy in less than a week.

When asked about his most memorable pickup, Raul says, “It was my first pickup. The customer loved the service so much she used PICKUP two more times that week!” Joining the PICKUP team was an easy decision for Raul as he is always interested in “helping people and jumping on board for new adventures.”  When asked about how the experience Raul proudly says that “PICKUP has certainly given me that.”

At PICKUP we take enormous pride in our Good Guys, the remarkable individuals who like to make a difference in society. Many, like Raul, are veterans or firefighters who we trust with our lives, so moving our stuff is an easy choice. Customers can feel great about supporting our Good Guys while they enjoy a great service.

Order online at pickupnow.com and request your very own Good Guys!