Please refer to your confirmation text message which includes a link with the delivery status page. For questions or additional information, please chat with us online.

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Just about anything, including furniture, mattresses, many appliances, big TVs – if you can buy it, we can probably deliver it. We cannot move pianos, full-size refrigerators, concrete fountains or large gun safes.

We do practice good sense and adhere to the law. Here are some additional things that we can’t move including people or animals, hazardous materials, firearms, ammunition or other explosive materials or articles valued at more than $60,000 such as antiques, fine art, jewels/jewelry, gold or other precious metals.

Safety comes first therefore; any items exceeding 200 lbs. will be acceptable for ground floor delivery only. Our maximum weight is 250 lbs. If you have items greater than 250 lbs., please chat with us and one of our PICKUP Customer Success Specialists will determine if it is acceptable.

Simple! When you need something fast, request Same Day/Scheduled Delivery here. Enter a few important details like the pickup/delivery addresses, what we are delivering and when you want it picked up or delivered.

We’ll instantly provide a guaranteed price. From there, just enter your payment details and submit your order. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, including the name and contact info of your Delivery Pro and ETA.

A PICKUP Delivery Pro is your trusted delivery person. Many are military veterans, first responders and great men and women committed to serve. They have passed extensive background screenings, needed requirements, and meet a higher standard of customer service before they can serve you as a PICKUP Delivery Pro.

Absolutely! PICKUP same day/scheduled delivery is available at leading retailers everywhere. We have partnerships with national and area retail stores throughout the country. Don’t see PICKUP at your favorite retail store? Ask us to contact them by emailing the retailer name and location to or ask the retail store to contact PICKUP at 800-560-2168.

It’s easy! For the best experience, we recommend you request Same Day/Scheduled Delivery here. Need help with your order? Chat with us online.

No, that’s the beauty of Same Day/Scheduled Delivery. It’s convenient and easy. Your PICKUP Delivery Pro will request you to send him a copy of your store receipt to accept custody of your item(s).

When it comes to pricing, we believe simplicity rules and surprises are for birthday parties. That’s why we offer simple guaranteed rates for most of our services. 

Pricing varies based on trip mileage, item size and weight, and the city of the item delivery. If you are booking your delivery using our convenient self-serve portal, please complete all of the delivery details including the number of flights of stairs for accurate pricing.

Payment is conveniently handled by our secure platform. If you need more help, chat with us online or Additional charges may apply for items requiring assembly, flights of stairs or special equipment.

Upon request when ordering delivery from a retail store, select PICKUP Delivery Pros can assemble your new items for an additional charge. Our PICKUP Delivery Pros carry basic tools and can assemble many types of furniture and equipment. So, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, or want to make sure it’s assembled correctly, request assembly with delivery when ordering. Be sure to provide a detailed description of your new purchase so our PICKUP Delivery Pros know what you expect when they arrive.

It’s rare, but mistakes happen. In the event a damage claim needs to be submitted, our Claims Department will contact you within 2 business days. A damage claim must be received within 7 days of the completed delivery. Depending on the scope of the damage, our process is as follows:

  1. Repair, if damage is repairable.
  2. Replace, if item is replaceable.
  3. Refund the receipt of cost of the item.

  1. If the order is canceled prior to our PICKUP Delivery Pro driving to the pickup location, there will not be a cancellation fee incurred.
  2. If the order is canceled after our PICKUP Delivery Pro has confirmed that they’re on the way to the pickup address with the customer, then a $25 cancellation fee could apply.

Powered by GreenPrint, a PDI company, greenhouse gas emissions are calculated based on delivery mileage and neutralized through the management and investment in certified carbon reduction projects.

A certified carbon offset is a certificate representing the reduction, destruction or capture of one metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Certified carbon offsets are produced by certified carbon reduction projects. These projects must follow strict guidelines established by internationally recognized standards in order to generate certified carbon offsets.

A certified carbon reduction project is a verified project specifically designed to reduce, capture or destroy greenhouse gasses that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. An example is a methane gas capture project at a landfill.

Carbon offsets are purchased to negate a CO2 equivalent emission. Offsets are certified and exchanged, much like stocks, via one of the officially recognized carbon registries such as CSA Group Registries, Climate Action Reserve, and Verified Carbon Standard.

There are many different types of carbon offset projects that avoid, reduce, destroy, or capture the emission of greenhouse gasses. Project types include renewable energy, such as wind farms, biomass energy, or hydroelectric dams. Others include energy efficiency projects, the destruction of industrial pollutants or agricultural byproducts, greenhouse gas abatement, zero till cropping, destruction of landfill methane, and forestry projects.