Delivering BIG means exceeding your customers’ expectations.

“Shoppers don’t just want to buy products and services — they’re looking to buy into causes.” Seem like a tall order? You’re not alone. And it’s our goal is to help you get there by starting with a really specific retail challenge: last mile delivery. 

What does delivery have to do with “a cause”? Whatever your values as a company, integrity and trust are high on the priority list of today’s shoppers. It takes a mutual effort between you and delivery providers to create an exceptional experience at every point along the customer journey. 

If you have the need for same day delivery of BIG & heavy items, PICKUP is here to serve by: 

  • Providing same-day delivery options for all your customers
  • Giving you predictable, guaranteed rates
  • Employing local first responders, veterans, and other vetted Good Guys to deliver items and engage customers
  • Connecting your business, large or small, to your local community
  • Insuring all your deliveries

Our goal is closing the last-mile gap challenge. Learn more about partnering with us.