Easing the Stress of the Holidays

At PICKUP, we deliver big. We live by that mindset in challenging times like the pandemic or persistent supply chain issues. Even now, when last-mile logistics are further complicated by the holiday shopping season, we’ve got the people and technology to take challenges head-on.

Now that we are a few weeks removed from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re able to take a look at our performance. According to our data, our delivery professionals completed over 1,500 deliveries in 75 markets, driving a total of 23,330 miles over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

Compared to a typical weekend for PICKUP, that’s a 6% increase in miles driven and a 19% increase in the number of deliveries!

As businesses work tirelessly to overcome supply chain bottlenecks and fulfill shoppers’ orders this season, the time to breathe a sigh of relief doesn’t come when the holidays are over. In fact, according to our CEO and founder Brenda Stoner, we will continue to see delivery spikes throughout the holiday season and into 2022:

“The capacity to move available products quickly once products are off ships is not even close to being able to keep up with existing demand. A low inventory of transportation vehicles and available space and capacity to receive items means that retailers have to pull all levers to deliver the service level necessary for fast and trustworthy order fulfillment.”

Organizations don’t have to despair, though. There is a way to approach these challenges proactively instead of reactively. Stoner says, “To overcome this, it is critical for retail businesses to have port-to-door visibility from the inception of the order all the way to the local last-mile delivery. That way, retailers planning out their inventory can ensure items are available to fulfill customer orders.”

Additionally, retailers shouldn’t do it alone. Stoner suggests that they should “lean on third-party logistics partners that can facilitate this process for both the consumer and the retailer.”

As a third-party logistics partner specializing in big, heavy and high-value items, we find great joy in helping businesses deliver big for their customers, especially in challenging times. By incorporating our innovative tech and trustworthy delivery pros, retailers can provide elevated delivery experiences instead of frustrating ones caused by current issues.

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