Get the most from on demand delivery – Top 10 list

Using an on-demand service for anything comes with a new set of consumer expectations. How can you make the most of your Good Guys with Pickups On Demand delivery experience without incurring extra time or expense?

10. On demand means now. Most people moving a large item are used to scheduling delivery up to 10 days out. PICKUP allows you to do this on your own terms and on your own timeframe.

9. Be ready. That means making sure both your pickup and drop off locations are fully aware of what is happening.

8. Clear the decks. If you can have your item and locations staged and ready, it will help the PICKUP Good Guy be more efficient. Remove small rugs, prop open doors and move small items out of the way of the door.

7. Fido is precious. To you (and certainly to the Rest of World), but he might be underfoot or run out the door (this blog writer actually experienced this on a PICKUP and doggy got hurt by another dog in the neighborhood! Writer also had “harmless, sweet, doggy” repetitively biting her wrist while trying to heft a chair). Keep him contained please!

6. PICKUP’s Good Guys are just that. Use them to help you get your stuff exactly positioned. Once they are in your pickup or drop off location they are pretty handy. The cost of their time is just $1.50 per minute. Totally worth it for many of us.

5. Use good breadcrumbs. Make sure the addresses of pickup and dropoff locations are exactly correct, and if there are ANY special instructions, be sure to add them to the notes or let the PICKUP Good Guy know when you are called to confirm details.

4. It’s 5:00. That’s important to happy hour, but sticking your item in 5pm traffic may take significantly more time to transport than you think. So it’s on demand, when you want it, but please be mindful of the environment we are operating in.

3. The sun will come out tomorrow. If it’s raining, be aware that PICKUPs are open air. Fine furniture and art should probably wait until the weather breaks.

2. Be the second set of hands. If you can help with loading and unloading, and one guy can manage with you, it will cost less. PICKUP is happy to send a 2nd guy, but if you are price sensitive , you can cut the overall cost down by lending your own muscle to the problem.

1. Get to know your delivery pro! The PICKUP good guys are REALLY GOOD. Ask them their stories. You’ll be amazed like we are with the quality and character of these fine people.

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