Banning S.

Being a driver for PICKUP I can confidently say they have a high expectation of professionalism, trust and timeliness. If you schedule a run I assure you we’re going to make sure that it gets done. All loads are insured, drivers are HEAVILY background checked, and there is even an on call support team for not only us drivers but for guests too. #TeamNorfolk #Virginia #LovePICKUP #MakeItHappen

Ramon G.

Almost a year working as a good Guy on the South Florida market for PICKUP and more to come, thanks to their professional team and exceptional support by their FQM Mr. Gustavo Boroni. He is always available 24/7 for us, passing his knowledge in the business, and giving the extra mile to leave our customers always happy and satisfied.

Anthony R.

I work for pickup and it’s a great experience. The other good guys are a great help with tips on how to do things. The South Florida field quality manager, Gustavo is amazing! Great guy, working 7 days a week. He will even drive and hour and half to pick you up so you can make a good guy meet up. If you have a pickup truck and have extra time on your hands, PICKUP is for you

Thomas M.

Working for PICKUP has been a great experience! Being able to PICKUP extra cash on my days off is perfect for spending money. I work with a great bunch of guys and the manager in my area. Gustavo is constantly on the move, 7 days a week, getting things done for his guys and will even PICKUP supplies for us if needed.