Last Mile Delivery Impacts Customer Experience.

Let’s start with some facts: Amazon affects customer expectations. Your customer journey has got to have game. How does this apply to big and heavy items?

This article from Furniture Today brings it home:

“According to results of a new survey…56% of consumers said they would avoid a boutique furniture retailer if they encountered high shipping costs, while 36% would avoid a boutique retailer if it had slow delivery or a long delivery window.”

This Talk Business report discusses how e-commerce applies to brick-and-mortar challenges, too: “There’s still no clear winner in the historically challenging oversized delivery game.” 

How are you thinking creatively about big  and heavy item delivery? 

Which do you need more: to expedite or to control brand experience? How do you choose?

What we’ve learned from partnering with businesses is that competitive delivery service requires staying on your toes, and being creative. It’s a challenge, and it’s often a balancing act. As customers expect items to arrive to their homes faster, for less, it exerts pressure on retail. But only retail stores have the opportunity to combine lightning-fast delivery with human connection and consistently positive brand experience. 

How are you thinking creatively about big  and heavy item delivery? 

We’ll say it again: fast delivery, human connection, and consistently positive brand experience are not mutually exclusive.

So here’s our theory: if you’re a retailer with a brick and mortar presence, you have a delivery advantage. The last mile “problem” is a blessing in disguise. You’ve got the opportunity to extend a personal connection and a positive experience all the way into customers’ homes. 

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