No more waiting – get a pickup now

Ever need a pickup truck to move something big or awkward? We’ve all needed it, and there are three solutions to this problem:

Option 1. Call in a favor from friends or family
Option 2. Rent a pickup truck
Option 3. Use a delivery service

Option 1: Call in a favor from friends or family.
This is always a sticky one. There’s usually some guilt involved (on both sides). The good guys who drive pickups are constantly badgered to do these favors. Some so much that they actually sell their pickup trucks to avoid the problem. But the need persists…

Option 2. Rent a pickup truck.
That adventure begins with first having to find an available truck, drive to pick it up, stand in line and fill out paperwork. You only wanted to rent the truck for 1 hour so why does it take an extra 30 to 45 minutes to get the keys?

Then, after waiting all that time, there is the sticker price: $19.99/hour. Seems ok, but then you notice the UN-advertised costs. A per mile fee, fuel charges…oh, and did they tell you that you need to purchase that ‘optional’ insurance since your personal credit card or car insurance does not typically cover rental trucks?

Then once your are done picking up the new sofa you just bought at Ikea, that big screen tv from Best Buy or that mattress from Nebraska Furniture Mart you have to turn around and return the truck pronto!

Remember you are on the clock. Darn, forgot I need to hit the gas station to fill up. Then it’s back to standing in line, waiting for the associate to verify the pickup truck’s condition and fuel level and finally paying the bill…half your day is gone – not to mention the contents of your wallet!

Option 3. Use a delivery service.
When you buy that new tv, mattress or whatever the must-have item is, you want it NOW. For the party, the guest coming, or just the sheer pride of ownership. Store delivery services can cost upwards of $150, and for that priviledge you can wait days to get your prize home. AND, you have to be there on Wednesday between 12-4. Missing work or whatever much better thing you would have done with that time. Recent polls of local delivery services for hot retailers have come back with up to 9 days!

Forget all that! We have great news for you! Here is the better way to rent a pickup truck. It just arrived via your smart phone, and the best part is you get a Good Guy to go with that pickup truck! Next time you need furniture delivery or that special purchase from Craigslist, open up your smartphone.

With a few short clicks on the PICKUP app, get connected with a truck and a delivery pro, who will help you load and unload your items, all on demand! Most pickups take about 45 – 60 minutes and cost around $45 – $60. So, put that Good Guy and his pickup on your smartphone and summon him when you need those extra hands and wheels.