PICKUP Continues to Innovate with Fusion Omni-delivery Solution

We don’t like to stand still. Our PICKUP Good Guys are constantly moving around delivering items, our team is continuing to grow and we’re always working to make our products the best they can be.

PICKUP has come a long way since 2014. Developing a nationwide network that delivers big, heavy and high value items takes time, technology and massive amounts of effort from many different people.

Our latest development is evidence of how advanced technology and the PICKUP team came together perfectly to power an exceptional service. It’s called PICKUP Fusion, our end-to-end omni-delivery solution that supports our partners with same-day and scheduled delivery.

We know that one size does not fit all, so we’ve created two different ways partners can connect with us. If a partner wants to provide exceptional omnichannel experiences, the optimum option is Fusion Formula.

Formula takes the tech component of Fusion to an advanced level. Using this method, partners can fully integrate their systems with PICKUP’s API. Customers have the ability to schedule their delivery directly on a partner’s e-commerce site. This provides seamless Buy Anywhere, Delivery Anywhere (BADA) experiences with local delivery nationwide. An added benefit of Fusion Formula is that partners have access to real-time visibility and reporting of all deliveries.

Another option for partners to connect with us is Fusion Theory. This is a quick way to launch within 48 hours and test your “theory” that PICKUP is the right delivery solution for your business. Theory is a light, tech-integrated solution with a co-branded POS portal. Launch a better customer experience by providing same-day and scheduled delivery.  

Powered by People and Technology

Both Theory and Formula are backed by our best-in-class people. Our fully vetted delivery team, known as PICKUP Good Guys, does all the heavy lifting. This fleet of delivery professionals operates with speedy, efficiency, professionalism, and communication.

Customers who have questions or need assistance with delivery have direct access to our outstanding customer experience team. These friendly reps work hard to ensure customers have the best possible delivery experience. 

Both Theory and Formula are designed to give our partners the ability to enhance the overall delivery experience for their customers. PICKUP Fusion helps our retail partners decrease purchase abandonment rates and increase job efficiency for commercial and industrial partners. 

The Future of PICKUP Fusion

PICKUP continues to move forward. We’re currently working on another digital tool that partners will find indispensable. Very soon, we’ll be releasing Fusion Blueprint, a secure dashboard portal that provides visibility into delivery performance and real-time views.

It’s amazing what our technology and people can do to help our partners. As our CEO Brenda Stoner put it, “With PICKUP Fusion, we will help meet our partners’ ever-increasing expectations for fast and convenient delivery services with a deep concentration in creating seamless experiences for the last-mile delivery of big, heavy and high value items.”

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