PICKUP Good Guy Profile: Derek Davidson

What do Laura Bush, John Kerry, and Condoleezza Rice have in common with Delivery by PICKUP? The answer is PICKUP Good Guy, Derek. Before he was helping move oversized furniture and putting desks together for people all over Dallas/Fort Worth, Derek flew planes carrying numerous four-star generals and national leaders. So how does an aviator who flew the first family end up a PICKUP Good Guy? It’s all about serving others.

“We learned in the military – ‘service before self, excellence in all we do,’” said Derek. Derek served in the military for 20 years flying for the Air Force– something he dreamed of doing as a child. During his time in the Air Force he flew presidential support, flying many of our nations leaders. Now, when he’s not behind the wheel of his pickup truck, Derek is the managing supervisor of Pilot Ground Training for the Airbus fleet. He also volunteers his time at local schools, talking with kids about the importance of following their dreams. The veteran’s love of the job goes beyond just wanting to help people.

The struggle of needing a pickup is familiar to Derek. “I can think of so many times in the past when I didn’t have a truck and tried calling all of my friends that have trucks to see if I can borrow it,” he said. “With PICKUP, you don’t have to worry about anything. We do it all.”

No matter what Derek delivers or moves, everything is completed with the excellence and pride instilled in him over 20 years. “It feels good to be able to help someone because there is a lot going on in our world, and to be able to help someone – it just means something to me,” said Derek. “We aren’t random people showing up for a delivery. We are ‘Good Guys’ – and you can trust that.”