PICKUP Good Guy Profile: Michael Moreno

Meet PICKUP Good Guy, Michael. Like many Texas gentleman with a pickup, he was asked countless times to help friends move things from one place to another. “When I learned about Instant Delivery by PICKUP, I was excited to find out that I could actually get paid for doing what I had done for others for years,” said Michael.

Michael had been looking for a job that was part time and had flexible hours. He was excited to combine his love of his pickup truck with an opportunity to help people move their items on-demand. “I had moved stuff before, so I knew what I was doing,” he said. “I really like utilizing my own truck and working independently. This coupled with the flexible work schedule made this opportunity easy to apply for.”

Since becoming a good guy in May, Michael has helped instantly deliver and move all types of furniture – from couches to dressers. He said he picks up goods from retailers and homes throughout the Dallas metroplex. The unknown of each move excites Michael, who welcomes at the opportunity to help people whenever he can.

“What I like most is the convenience we offer with instant delivery,” said Michael. His previous experience moving items means he knows how to move things as fast and safely as possible. And that is exactly what his customers appreciate about him most.