PICKUP makes college move-in day easier

They say college is the best time of your life. And for most people it really is. But what they don’t talk about is all of the anxiety that leads up to the big move.

It feels like high school graduation was just yesterday, the summer has flown by, and now it’s almost time make the big move. As the date nears you are probably being faced with some pre-college anxiety as all sorts of questions race through your mind…

How will I make new friends? How will I adjust to the new academic expectations? Should I live in residence housing or off-campus? Will I get homesick? How will I make tuition payments? Is microeconomics really as hard as they say? Are frats really like you see in the movies?

There is no doubt about it, this is a turning point in your life and it’s normal to feel nervous! Not to mention that making this move requires a lot of planning:  applying for residency, organizing your course schedule, finding all of the class textbooks, purchasing things you need for the room, plotting the fastest route to school, and the list goes on and on.

But what you probably have not considered is how you will move all of your things to your new college destination. Before you know it, it’s Labor Day and you are thinking how will I fit my entire life into my Toyota Camry? What alternatives do you have? Hire a mover? Who takes that much stuff to a dorm room? Call your cousin who owns a pickup truck? No way, not cousin Steve!  Rent a truck? And pay one way charges and tow your car behind you? Then have to figure out how to return the moving truck.

Luckily, the PICKUP app has you covered! In a few easy clicks you provide the pickup location and drop off location and the rest is easy. The trusted network of PICKUP Good Guys will make this college move a snap! And you can focus on getting ready to enjoy college life!