PICKUP Provides Special Delivery for Specialty Baby Merchandise Store

At PICKUP, we take pride in the fact that we help all types of businesses. For instance, we partner with big box retailers to get furniture and other big and heavy items to the homes of their customers via same day and scheduled delivery. Commercial businesses partner with PICKUP to get equipment and parts to job sites when and where they need them. We don’t stop there, though. 

There are all sorts of specialty retailers that can benefit from PICKUP.  One successful example is a popular specialty baby merchandise retailer. You can imagine the customers who’d shop at a baby merchandise store. New, existing, and soon-to-be parents make up the majority of shoppers at the retailer’s stores. It was essential for the retailer to provide exceptional customer experiences for parents feeling a range of emotions from being thrilled to nervousness.

The retailer is very sensitive to parents’ needs and concerns about everything from clothing to diapers, to nursery decor to name a few. Part of preparing a nursery is, of course, making sure the right furniture is in place.

As a provider of many of those items, there was a lot on the line for this retailer. No one wants to be the source of frustration for seasoned or first-time parents. Knowing this, stores had a process in place to create and maintain a personal connection with the customers. Associates would guide parents throughout the shopping journey all the way to the cash register. And while some purchases were something the retailer could control in-store, there was one area where they didn’t have complete control over the customer experience: delivery.

Previously, their delivery capabilities did not provide customers with the same experience they received in stores. Unfortunately, the difference in quality was big enough that it negatively affected brand loyalty. This was not something that this specialty baby merchandise retailer would stand for.

Delivery Solutions to Meet their Needs

They looked at several possible last-mile delivery partners but ultimately decided to go with PICKUP in the summer of 2019. To launch same day and scheduled delivery quickly, they selected Fusion Theory as a pilot program.

Our last-mile delivery solution had several appealing features to the retailer. First of all, we set up a branded and integrated in-store partner portal for them. The portal enabled store associates to work with customers to schedule local furniture delivery for a convenient time, be it on the same day or another scheduled time.

Fusion Theory provides them with live customer experience and store support with questions, escalations and requests. Also, both the store and customer get text and email messages to keep them updated at every step of the delivery process. 

Trusted Last-mile Delivery 

Most importantly, PICKUP provides peace of mind for parents with our network of delivery professionals. Homes, and especially nurseries are intimate spaces. Parents don’t want just any delivery team coming into their houses. That’s why our team members, known as PICKUP Delivery Pros, are fully vetted and composed of military veterans, first responders and all-around good guys.

Our delivery pros also have a history of professionalism in communication and appearance, key features that resonated with the retailer. They were confident the PICKUP Delivery Pros could extend their curated in-store customer delivery experience to the last mile.

Delivery Performance Results to Impress

As a result of implementing Fusion Theory, the retailer is now able to ensure their customers have exceptional customer experiences both in-store and with delivery. They have access to a secure reporting dashboard so they can actively monitor NPS (net promoter score,) delivery volume, customer satisfaction, and store feedback.

Speaking of NPS, the retailer increased its score by 30%, going from 40 to 70 after partnering with PICKUP. They were so impressed with this huge improvement in customer experience that they quickly expanded their partnership with us from 70% of its stores in the summer of 2019 to 90% in November of the same year!

Like this specialty retailer, PICKUP is proven to enhance the delivery experience of all types of businesses. Check out our big box retailer and commercial business case studies to see how we can help each type of industry. 

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