Tech Allstars – PICKUP Team Spotlight

At PICKUP, we don’t choose just anybody to join our team. We’re made up of only the brightest minds and that’s a standard we will always follow. Only by hiring, developing and retaining the best of the best can we continue our current trajectory of team growth and business success. 

Since the beginning of our company in 2014, Team PICKUP has grown to include over 130 employees, each with their own set of skills and expertise. Lately, it’s our technology team that’s had significant momentum. Joining the tech team are Jason Zubrick as Chief Technology Officer and Tim Delgado as VP of Technology and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Jason Zubrick, Chief Technology Officer

Jason has a long history of managing and developing the strategic direction for enterprise-wide technology teams. In fact, he’s been at it for 17 years! His previous roles indicate just how talented he is. Before joining PICKUP, he served as CTO for defi Solutions, a “loan origination software platform that gives banks, credit unions, auto lenders flexible technology for their lending programs.” Certainly, software that enables organizations to manage money would need someone trustworthy and talented to oversee its development. 

Before that, Jason had probably some of the coolest technology roles, as he was employed at GameStop in several positions. Jason’s experience in such a large and high-profile industry as video games was also something that made him desirable.

Jason puts his skills to work every day at PICKUP. As CTO, he leads our long-term technology strategy and vision. In addition to overseeing day-to-day technology operations, he’s responsible for researching and implementing new technologies. As a result, we’re able to add new features, elevate our tech’s performance and continue to improve security. 

Tim Delgado, VP of Technology and Chief Information Security Officer

Seeing as how security is essential to the success of our partners, we brought in another pro to specifically ensure our digital infrastructure is secure. Tim Delgado has spent nearly 20 years honing his skills across the disciplines of infrastructure, software development, architecture, DevOps and security. Like Jason, Tim has a background at GameStop, where he served as Director of Global Security Architecture and Engineering.

PICKUP’s security program is all the better with Tim on the team. He leads the strategy and delivery of infrastructure and system operations, providing the company with a foundation that is reliable, available and secure. 

Through their combined efforts, Jason and Tim have enhanced our cybersecurity in many ways, including the completion of SOC 2 Type 1 compliance certification. With their leadership and the dedicated work of the entire tech team, PICKUP can boast critical security policies to protect customer and partner data. 

Tim and Jason have been instrumental in developing the digital side of PICKUP Fusion, our end-to-end delivery solution powered by people and technology. Both of our offerings, Fusion Theory and Fusion Formula, run on a cloud-based platform. Fusion’s cohesive architecture and technology stack allows PICKUP to move quickly without boundaries.

Some partners will want to benefit from Fusion Formula’s omni-channel capabilities that allow brands to handle full-assortment Buy Anywhere Deliver Anywhere (BADA) delivery for their entire catalog. A huge benefit of this API-integrated system is that our partners can identify inventory that may not have previously been available via traditional e-commerce transactions. 

Businesses that want to start quickly without integration can take advantage of Fusion Theory, a light, tech-integrated platform. 

Thanks to their innovation and development, soon PICKUP will be able to help partners in a way that will change how they handle same-day and scheduled delivery. It’s called Fusion Blueprint. Builders use blueprints to make informed decisions and follow a plan. In a similar fashion, Fusion Blueprint uses a secure dashboard portal to provide visibility into delivery performance and real-time views.

We’re excited about what Jason and Tim have brought to PICKUP. We know there are others out there who can have a similar impact on our company. We have opportunities ready for just the right people with the right experience to continue shaping PICKUP into an essential delivery solution for businesses.

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