A very tiny PICKUP

We got a call the other day to schedule a PICKUP. The customer needed to have something very special delivered and had received a referral from a friend. We asked her if the item would require one or two sets of hands to manage, and she laughed and said, “Oh just one will do.”

The Good Guy was sent to the location, where he found a lovely house in a well-heeled neighborhood. He went to the door to inquire about the loading situation. A small elderly woman opened the door and with delight handed the Good Guy a very tiny box. “Is this it, he inquired?” She affirmed that indeed, this, was the item to be delivered. Apparently, inside the little box was a very special necklace that the woman had purchased for a very dear friend and it was of high value.

She was very concerned that the recipient may not answer the door or the phone, as they were somewhat reclusive, and didn’t want the item to be lost or stolen. The Good Guy smiled and assured the lady that her item was safe with him and off he went to deliver it.

He arrived at the destination, called the gift recipient and left a message on the home voicemail that a very special package was being delivered. The door opened, and a the lady’s delighted friend received the box.

What we have learned from this experience, and so many others, is that PICKUP is as much about the Good Guy as it is about insured delivery by pickup truck. PICKUP works very hard on qualification to be sure we secure the best guys around.  Which makes for a very great business. WE LOVE OUR GOOD GUYS!