Why PICKUP makes Craigslist unscary

We’ve all used Craigslist at some point or another, whether it was to buy a car, get a babysitter, or even put up a personal ad. It truly is a practical place to sell something you no longer need or to buy something for a good low price. But what many of us worry about is, how safe is Craigslist, really?

You’ve probably bought some piece of furniture that you found on Craigslist and had the seller ask you to go to their house to pick it up. And although you may not have been happy to do it, you knew that the seller wouldn’t waste their gas to drop off a $75 bookshelf, just as you probably wouldn’t have if the roles were reversed. Yet, somewhere in fine print, Craigslist actually warns buyers to always set up meetings in a public place with many witnesses. But how can you convince a seller to bring their 200-pound couch to the Home Depot parking lot?

So instead you find yourself exchanging conversations back and forth with a seller, this time to buy a couch for your new place for example, and as expected they tell you to take care of the pickup. Of course for the sake of our “protection”, Craigslist doesn’t disclose any personal information about the seller, so you have to trust your good faith that the person really is who they say they are and that they really do have this couch as shown in the photo – if there even is a photo.

Fast forward to the pickup phase, your GPS directs you to a dodgy little house in. On top of all that, it is already dark because the only free time you have to pick it up is after work. Before turning off the engine you even double check the address on your phone hoping you are at the wrong address. But there it is, and you have nothing left to do but march up to the front door and claim your new couch. After finally working up the nerve to walk up to the house you knock on the front door. As soon as it swings open you instantly regret coming and the person you are faced with makes you very hesitant to actually step inside. So what do you do next?

You can avoid this unnerving situation altogether and still get your couch picked up.  All you have to do is schedule your pickup location and time on the PICKUP app, and a Good Guy will swing by with their pickup truck to take care of the rest. Rest assured, our network of delivery professionals, known as the “good guys,” have been carefully selected to ensure that our clients always have a smooth and safe experience. In fact, most of our local “good guys” are firefighters and military servicemen ready to handle any uncomfortable situation for you. With the PICKUP app you are just a few clicks away from your new couch – no caution required!