3 Tips for Real Innovation that Leads to Real Growth

Innovation is often talked about but rarely harnessed to drive real revenue growth. True innovation is more than attending a meeting or a conference. It’s about embracing disruptive change and new opportunities like your future depends on it – because it does! The fact is, consumer behaviors and expectations are always evolving. Here are three tips to innovate in how you serve customers.

Tip 1: Offer Greater Value to Your Customers

Most businesses fail because they neglect the needs of their customers. For us at PICKUP, the real deal lies in uncovering the unmet or even unidentified needs of our customers and then deploying the best solutions for them. Steve Jobs once said that the customer doesn’t know what they want – this is often true but not always. Businesses can’t just ask customers what they want and go and build it. They need to sit back and watch what they currently do and come up with better ways to improve or add efficiency to it. PICKUP is in the business of problem solving and we are constantly looking for new and better ways to elevate the customer delivery experience.

Tip 2: Create Meaningful Differentiation from Your Competitors

When you visit a market, the first thing you often notice is the crowd and where they are going. If you were a vendor in that market, you’d have to work harder to differentiate yourself from the competition. How will you increase your differentiation? An innovative idea, approach or product; something new, different, dynamic or inventive, can be exactly what you need to break from the crowd of competitors. At PICKUP, our offering is different from our competition because we deliver elevated customer experiences for elevated brands. We looked at the last mile delivery market and observed that the customer experience was broken – not trusted, not nimble, not scalable and not digitally-enabled. So, we fixed it!

Tip 3: Increase Your Team’s Productivity

To innovate is to communicate “trust” in each team member’s knowledge and ability to take care of your customer needs. You must create an environment that feeds and nurtures this trust. So, the next time you think of supporting a customer’s need, empower yourself to think differently and reward others when they do! It’s a great way to build morale and develop a sense of purpose.

The Time to Innovate is Now

Starting today, stop solving customer needs by going from A to B then C. Think of how to go from A to Z. Think of how you can create exponential value that makes 1+1 equal 3. Focus on going BIG and NEVER fear failure.