Everyone in Dallas needs a Good Guy with a pickup

When you live in Dallas, Texas, it seems like everyone has a pickup truck. Until that day you are standing at Costco trying to shove your new BBQ grill into your Kia.  You look around and the parking lot seems to be full of pickup trucks capable of moving or hauling your precious goods.  But you also see other panic-stricken consumers in the portico with giant boxes on the flat carts. What to do?

Most of us have a couple friends with pickup trucks we call on. Mine happens to be the boyfriend of one of my best friends. If I ever call him, I can hear the reservation in his voice and I figure he’s thinking, “Oh no, I hope she doesn’t ask to borrow me and my truck—again.”  He cheerfully always shows up when I’m desperate enough to actually make the request and works like a slave for whatever meal or twelve-pack I may provide as [un]suitable payment.

His time is valuable, his truck is his workplace and my request is only one of dozens I know he gets.

Getting him off the hook was part of the thinking that went on to create my latest startup—PICKUP. As a complete fan of Uber and all things in the shared economy, I found myself yet again needing a solution to moving a 4 ft. by 4 ft. by 4 ft. box across the DFW Metroplex. After a frustrating day of trying, I was cruising home in my small SUV contemplating the problem, and observing the massive inventory of pickup trucks roving our fair city. ALL OF THEM EMPTY!

Even more compelling was peering into the windows of these pickup trucks and seeing a mass of capable guys, wearing cool Oakley sunglasses and twirling their steering wheels with forearms and biceps that likely didn’t come from Lifetime Fitness.  These are the same good guys as my friend’s boyfriend….and they are EVERYWHERE.

So that was the “aha” moment, (which wasn’t very “AHA”).  Nearly 12 months after the hatching of that idea, there is now the implementation of the service and network. To almost every person we explain how we’ve created an on demand software platform and mobile apps to leverage that good guy driving his pickup says, “Oh I thought of that,” or “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Next time you find yourself at Calloway’s, or West Elm, or at some stellar estate sale in the Park Cities, you can consume with abandon. Feel confident that there is a small army of sturdy, natural problem solvers crawling around the city waiting for you to pull out your phone and tap to request a GUILT FREE good guy with a pickup truck.

Fret not, we qualify each one with very stringent requirements, screening criteria, and we insure the Bejeezus out of the whole situation.