Hey, I need a pickup truck!

We’ve all said that before.  If you drive a pickup truck you know it well, and probably try to avoid hearing it.  There is an age-old economy of pickup trucks and their owners. At PICKUP, we just decided it was time to formalize the economy with some new-age tools.

We launched this business because we needed to move some stuff. Trying to find someone to deliver a large box across town exactly when you want it is nearly impossible. Now we have a system to make it easy.

One of our customers said it well, and we borrowed this from her and her favorite purveyor of consignment goods: stuff moves a lot when we are encountered with the 5 D’s. Death, Divorce, Downsizing, Debt, and Decorator. I’ve personally had experience with the first three, trying to avoid the fourth, and striving to be able to support the fifth! The fact is, we all need to borrow a pickup truck or rent a moving truck at some point, usually multiple times per year. Getting access to that commodity in a guilt-free, on-demand, affordable scenario (all managed by a Good Guys) creates a service that absolutely thrills people.

We’re on the road, in our trucks, with hands at the ready. Give us a try.