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August 11, 2016PICKUP® Announces Partner Program for Interior Designers at Metrocon16 Expo & Conference

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PICKUP®, the Instant Delivery service featuring Good Guys and their trucks, announces the launch of its new Partner Program for Interior Designers at the Metrocon16 Expo & Conference today. The Good Guys at PICKUP are on hand to give exhibiting designers a preview of their on-demand services while at the show. “We are very […]

August 3, 2016Dallas-Based App Can Help You Pick-Up Craigslist And Facebook Items

Do you want to purchase something big on Craiglists or Facebook? Well, Dallas based app Pickup can help. The app is available for iPhone and Android, and you can also book movers through their website. The app is meant for in-city moves. They will move one item or an entire apartment. Drives longer than 45 minutes cost a dollar per minute […]

August 1, 2016Need to Move a Big Item You Bought on Craigslist? Dallas-Based App PICKUP Can Help.

There is no shortage of startups that aspire to be the next Uber. Entrepreneurs the world over are hungry to develop the next app that will revolutionize how we deal with a common hassle, whether it’s buying groceries or hiring a babysitter. One new idea that seems to be catching on comes courtesy of a Dallas-based […]

New Dallas Tech: On the Road to Innovate! and Celebrate 2016

Everything is bigger in Texas. The football games are bigger. The cowboy hats are bigger. Even the state is the biggest in the entire country. And if you think running a startup in this beautiful state is easy, you’ve got another thing coming. That’s why Tech.Co is interested in finding the best startup in Dallas before the […]

July 29, 2016PICKUP hopes to pull alongside Uber with on-demand delivery

For Brenda Stoner, PICKUP started out of a simple need—the business owner had to move something across town immediately. There are so many pickup trucks driving around Texas, she thought. Surely they could be put to work in much the same way Uber has turned regular cars into ride shares. That’s how PICKUP was born. Now, nearly two […]