PICKUP Identified as Business Worth Investing In

Check out the latest Business Insider article that features PICKUP. The piece, titled “11 hot startups poised to take on DoorDash and Uber in last-mile delivery, according to VCs” lists startups identified by venture capitalists as disrupters in the on-demand delivery market. 

The industry is booming, having been given a huge boost as a result of the way the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way consumers shop. As the article explains, this upward trend in the market has caused investors to take a closer look at the multitude of delivery startups, with the hopes of identifying promising businesses worth investing in.

Business Insider talked to several venture capitalists to learn about the on-demand-delivery startups showing the most promise.

Appearing as the only delivery solution for big, heavy and high-value items, PICKUP is accompanied by other companies, some of which specialize in robot or drone delivery.

To learn more about why PICKUP was chosen and see the others listed, check out the full article on Business Insider.