PICKUP Names Experienced Business Leader as New CEO

PICKUP is excited to announce we’ve named a new CEO to lead the company into the next phase of our development and success. On Tuesday, February 1st, 2022, experienced business leader Brian Kava was handed the reins of one of the nation’s fastest-growing last mile delivery companies. 

Brian is not brand new to PICKUP. He joined the team in September 2021 as Head of Sales and Marketing and quickly went to work making positive contributions to our organization and its processes. His team-oriented, results-focused leadership style makes him a natural fit to take the helm as CEO. 

Kava is recognized in the marketing services industry as one of the leading experts in the strategic development and execution of retail and commercial execution solutions. Before joining PICKUP, Brian worked at Acosta, Inc. as President/GM of one of Acosta’s largest growth divisions. In his 25+ years of executive leadership and general management experience, you’ll find a proven track record of achieving revenue, profit, operational excellence and business growth objectives. 

He has more than 20 years of experience in generating consumer and brand awareness, maximizing product visibility and developing sales and marketing strategies for some of the world’s most renowned brands including Walmart, Google, Amazon, Home Depot, Whirlpool, Nike and Microsoft.

He has spearheaded multiple operations transformations, developed technology platforms into industry leading differentiators, and maintains an uncompromising focus on high quality standards, employee centric culture and customer satisfaction. 

His background indicates that he is well-suited to drive the company towards its three major goals:

  • Scalable Growth
  • Tech Differentiation
  • Best-in-class Ops

As excited as we are to have Kava leading the company, he’s just as excited to be working with the team. “During my short time at PICKUP, I have grown an enormous admiration for its people, its purpose and its expertise. Our employees’ hard work and dedication are a hallmark of this business. This is a company of people ― innovative, passionate, and smart people,” Kava said. 

“Many companies aspire to change their industry, but very few have all the elements required: talent, performance and technology. PICKUP has proven that it has all three. I can’t ask for a better foundation,” he added.

The foundation that Kava refers to was first laid by founder and former CEO Brenda Stoner. After leading the company through eight years of monumental growth and innovation, Stoner made the decision to transition into a more focused role as Founder. She’ll be involved with the business in the parts she loves the most, like our team of Delivery Pros and how PICKUP adds new and differentiated solutions to the mix.

Kava isn’t wasting any time transitioning into his new role. In his first few weeks, he’ll be talking and listening to the team and our customers to understand the challenges and opportunities facing the big, heavy and high value categories of last mile delivery. Brian has pledged that the decisions he makes “will be based on what’s best for customers, for investors, for colleagues, and hence the whole PICKUP business.”

We know the next chapter of PICKUP will continue on an upward trajectory. We have an exciting opportunity to positively impact current and future partners with our award-winning delivery products. In fact, Brian is confident that PICKUP will define what it means to deliver elevated experiences.

One of the most critical requirements of a CEO for PICKUP is a commitment to the people who make up the company. In Kava’s brief time at PICKUP, he’s shown just how much he respects and values the team, proving that he’s the right guy to lead the company into an exciting new period of success.

“This is a great business made up of great people with real expertise, and I am confident that together the future is bright,” Kava said.