PICKUP to Make Deliveries Carbon Neutral 

PICKUP is proud to announce that all of its deliveries from now on will be carbon neutral! When you choose PICKUP as your delivery provider, you’re playing a part in PICKUP’s commitment to building a more sustainable future.

But how do you even make final-mile delivery 100% carbon neutral? PICKUP will be investing in local, regional, and global certified carbon reduction projects. Based on delivery mileage, PICKUP calculates vehicle emissions and neutralizes them through projects such as renewable energy, transportation efficiency, greenhouse gas abatement, and forest conservation.

PICKUP is also taking it a step further by planting trees in partnership with Eden Reforestation in Mozambique. By investing in carbon reduction projects and tree-planting projects, PICKUP will be able to successfully reduce the daily carbon emissions of our deliveries while also helping our community thrive!

“Being able to now say that these deliveries are carbon-neutral is a logical evolution in our desire to continue to surprise and delight the consumer and our partners, while also making an immediate positive impact on the environment,” said Aline Riemenschneider, Director of Marketing at PICKUP.

As the only on-demand delivery provider implementing a sustainability program to help reduce their carbon footprint, PICKUP is showing their commitment to building a more sustainable future. Their collaboration with GreenPrint, a PDI Company, will enable PICKUP and its retail and commercial partners to meet corporate sustainability targets while addressing the growing consumer demand for environmentally-friendly delivery options.